Tonga Tukia

I have signed up to host a Dunk it for Plunket Morning Tea!

Whanau Awhina Plunket is a charity and many of their community support services are only possible thanks to  funding through grants, donations, events and fundraising campaigns such as Dunk it for Plunket with Arnott's!

So come along to my Dunk it for Plunket morning tea or donate to my page, all while helping Whanau Awhina Plunket provide critical services to families in New Zealand.

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Dunk it for plunket 💞

Sunday 5th Sep
As a mother myself , i have seen the positive impact plunket have on our community first hand- and the guidance they provide us as our children grow. 
Ive decided this year to try and raise $1000 in 1000 days to support them and their hard work! 
Every $ helps 

Thank you all for your contributions

Tonga T 

Thank you to my Sponsors


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