You can make a difference

The best scientific research in the world tells us the greatest social good will be achieved by investing in a child’s earliest years. That research is at the core of Plunket’s vision: “1000 days to make the difference of a lifetime.”

The 1000 Days to Raise a Bundle campaign supports our vision to ensure all tamariki are thriving, build the confidence and knowledge of families and whānau across New Zealand, and make sure no family or whānau is isolated or unable to cope. That means working to ensure an equitable baseline of Community Services, such as parenting education, postnatal support, injury prevention activities, toy libraries, playgroups and early childhood services across the country.

Our aim is to be there for all New Zealand babies and families – when and where they need us.

Over the next 1000 days we’re asking you to make the difference of a lifetime for every New Zealand child. The funds you raise mean we’ll be able to provide additional community services to children, their families and whānau across the country.